Xceed Controller - DE-4100

xCeed Kitchen Controller (DE-4100)

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QSR's xCeed® kitchen controller provides an extremely robust, flexible and cost-effective solution for reliably running graphical kitchen automation software applications. The Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system, powerful processor, industrialized construction, extensive interfaces, and easy-to-program flash memory ensure the xCeed excels in the demanding pace of the most mission-critical kitchens.

 Restaurants rely on the xCeed to power QSR's CSK kitchen display and TeamAssist recipe viewer graphical software solutions. The xCeed also runs advanced display modes with QSR’s ePic KDS, as well as a number of third party kitchen applications.

 In addition to powering graphics, videos, and browser content, the flexible xCeed offers support for rotated video (portrait or landscape) and touch. And with support for international character sets, the xCeed can be implemented around the globe, including areas with required hardware certifications such as in Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

 Like all of QSR’s kitchen management hardware, the purpose-built construction of the xCeed includes a locking power connector, watchdog timer to prevent lock-ups, no moving parts or fans or vents to bring in moisture or grease-filled air, and the ability to operate at high temperature levels commonly found in kitchens. The xCeed takes it to the next level with an audio connection and enhanced power circuit protection, ensuring the highest resilience against voltage variances and power spikes and surges.

One kitchen display controller is used at each kitchen, connected via standard ethernet cable within the existing point-of-sale network, eliminating any single point of failure (other than the hub). With automated fail-over in the event of an outage, a kitchen display controller can also be swapped out in real-time should a change need to be made during the course of the day. Additionally, the xCeed reports advanced diagnostics to ConnectSmart ControlPoint, QSR's powerful and intuitive software tool built for easily and effectively managing the QSR restaurant hardware. ControlPoint provides up-to-the-minute statuses for the monitor, PS/2, and ethernet connections for the QSR controllers, and also reports on the temperature sensor and gathers serial port statistics.

Advanced capabilities and key benefits include:

  • Purpose-built construction for the harshest commercial restaurant kitchens
  • Powerful, flexible support for browser content, rotated video, graphics, photos, and videos
  • Robust features for ControlPoint, including easy set up and maintenance along with extensive advanced diagnostics
  • Kitchen management hardware with performance for critical kitchens around the world, powering QSR’s ePic KDS, CSK, TeamAssist as well as a number of third party kitchen video software systems
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