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QBracket (with keypad kit)

Flexible and durable restaurant bracketing solutions to easily mount QSR restaurant hardware!

$168.00 - $258.00
ePic Controller - DE-4000

QSR’s ePic video controller sets the industry standard for open ethernet kitchen display hardware. Today, thousands of restaurant businesses reliably power their kitchen displays with the ePic controller.

Xceed Controller - DE-4100

QSR's xCeed® kitchen controller provides an extremely robust, flexible and cost-effective solution for reliably running graphical kitchen automation software applications.

$575.00 - $599.00
KP-7500 Keypad

Building on more than fifteen years of bump bar engineering excellence, the highly reliable KP-7500™ keypad ships with an unmatched three-year hardware limited warranty. With twenty programmable keys, the KP-7500 provides a sophisticated key technology that offers an enhanced tactile feel and a proven thirty million pushes.


$250.00 - $280.00
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